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My new sounds:

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Been a long time.

Since I blogged. Anyways, how y’all doing? I’m definitely having a hard time now. I feel nervous ‘cause of my grades. Ain’t sure if I passed my Psych, College Algebra and Bio Sci classes </3 Breaks my heart.

Plus these KPOP concerts keep on coming. Kpop Republic, SS5 and next will be Infinite OGS on November 3. Next year DKFC and EXO’s Solo Con. The hell. Wae? Wae nao?

It really really really breaks my heart. I can’t fckng think straight nao. I don’t think I’d ever pass and proceed to 2nd sem </3 And I’m stressed about how to get more money and get what I want and need for myself and Bree.. /sigh

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Acoustic English cover of XOXO~ :D
I recently just passed 10,000 subscribers! That’s so amazing for me, and when I started putting up covers, I never thought I would get this much support. Thank you all so so much ; A ; <3
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xoxo covers.

Cover by Silv3rT3ar (elisexobear on tumblr)

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Wtf. Hahaha. #insta #instapic #perfect #ig #leeyana #asian #aegyo #pinay #love #makeup

Wtf. Hahaha. #insta #instapic #perfect #ig #leeyana #asian #aegyo #pinay #love #makeup

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Baby Don’t Cry (PIANO COVER) EXO - Leeyana

Did a lot of mistakes so forgive me ;)

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Baby Don’t Cry (COVER) of EXO by Leeyana ft. Bree :3

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exo’s different ways of winking

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ON-HAND KPOP Items for SALE! | Facebook

KPOP Fans from Tacloban, here you go! 

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